The History

Pepe MastroDolciere, it has been the dream of Alfonso Pepe since the early eighties, when he started working as a professional baker in some of the beautiful touristic destination all over the peninsula. The passion takes him and he starts refining both his knowledge and techniques, attending schools such as the Etoile and Cast Alimenti. Sole aim, to create brand which sold products who would have had his name.
Along with the other siblings, the brothers Prisco and Giuseppe, and the sister Anna, the company was started and the goal achieved, through passion and hard work, the same that drove Alfonso to enter, in 1995, the Accademiadei Maestri Pasticcieri (Academy of Italian Master Bakers); here he specialized in the baking of leavened products, becoming among the best in Italy, the number one expert in Campania, in the panettone baking techniques.

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