The fresh ones

Alfonso Pepe proposes also fresh products, containing whipped cream, ricotta, chocolate, eggs, vanilla beans, flour and milk of first choice; those are the basic ingredients needed to offer the best the haute patisserie has to offer, leaving out margarine, surrogates, chemicals and artificial aromas. The Fresh ones, a selection ranging from big to bite size products, offering both classical (babà, sfogliatelle, cannoli and bigné) and modern treats (a wide selection of mousses and cakes characterized by new ingredients and combinations).
The old recipes have been taken and personalized, creating a unique experience for the customer with new version of the Ricotta e Pera (Ricotta and Pear), Caprese (Chocolate cake) and Cassata (Iced cake), while offering brand new combinations, like the Ricotta e Pistacchio (Ricotta and Pistachio), one of the most tasteful creations of the Pepe selection. Pepe MastroDolciere, a big family whose products have one common characteristic: naturalness.

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