The Colomba With Peaches

“Pellecchiella” is a particular variety of peaches which makes this Panettone special. Its sweet yellow pulp, the strong smell and the red shades of its skin make it a delight for all senses; the result is an unusual fresh taste. The mix is once more flawless: a constellation of small chunks of peach is hidden in the soft paste, while the topping and the icing still replicate those of the original recipe.

Ingredients: flour, butter, apricots 30% (apricots, glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, citric acid E330), sugar, egg yolk, natural yeast, pasta orange (orange peel, glucose syrup and sugar), honey, butter cocoa, salt, vanilla beans from Madagascar.

Icing: sugar, almonds, egg white, flour, semolina, cocoa, decorated with sugar grains.


The Preparation