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Alfonso Pepe,is synonym of quality chocolate. Craftsman and cocoa lover since 1989, he is one of the few cocoa beans processers in Italy.The big commitment towards using first choice ingredients is the secret to his great success. He personally visits his plantations and selects the best species of beans to process. At the moment, Pepe targets semi-finished and finished chocolate products; they include icings (dark, white and milk), and raw materials (cocoa powder and spiced cocoa beans). The finished product selection instead includes decorations, coupellesand miniatures, created to beautify servings and add that extra deliciousness; it also includes normal chocolate tablets with a degree of pureness ranging from 34% to 76% and different kinds of pralines.
Those are realized through a meticulous work which transforms the finest raw materials into fabulous moments of pleasure without including any aromas or aromatised pastes, or vegetable fat. The mixing of the spices and the finest milk or dark chocolate, or hazelnut paste: the result is an intense but clean and delicate taste.

Pepe dolciere master: the style in every detail.

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